Talent Development and Coaching Services

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Talent Development is people development.  It involves ensuring the right individuals have the right capabilities at the right time to deliver the right results.

A strategic focus on building the knowledge, skills, and abilities of your staff, at every career level, will motivate and retain happy, productive employees who are passionate about assisting the organization to succeed and grow.

At Shockingly Different Leadership, we believe that highly skilled leaders and teams deliver a hard-to-imitate competitive advantage. We exist to help every individual in your organization to show up as the best version of themselves – everyday.

Allow us to help you elevate and accelerate the most urgent aspects of your strategic workforce-related goals.

How We Provide You Value

Leadership Development

Inspire. Engage. Innovate. Achieve.

Manager Development

Manage. Communicate. Motivate. Execute.

Targeted Skill Development

Influence. Strategize. Collaborate. Plan.

Development Consulting

Partner. Design. Augment. Implement.

While SDL frequently is called in to help our clients develop their own innovative, internally culture-specific offerings, we know there are times when a pre-developed workshop is ideal for immediate needs.

No matter whether we assist you with your in-house talent development programs, or you choose to take advantage of SDL’s offerings, you can always feel confident that your employees will leave with the knowledge of how to best use their unique talents and abilities in a more impactful way in the organization.

All development engagements are facilitated by your choice of our small but mighty internal global team of expert facilitators  – at your office, our office, or via the web.

Let us help you scale your internal offerings.  Or register your team for one of our public offerings (if available) or contact us to explore bringing the content in-house.

(While we do need a coffee or tea to kick off our mornings, we have K-cups and passports.  Will travel and self-caffeinate!)

You “all-in”? If so, we are “all-in” too! Let’s chat about forging a new partnership!

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Shockingly Different Leadership is a human capital professional services consultancy that provides organizations access to the best consulting expertise in the areas of Talent Development, Organizational Development, and Human Resources – on an on-demand, project, or contract basis.


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