Managing Conflict in the Workplace

Increasing critical skills and acumen to resolve conflicts in an effective manner


Conflicts are inevitable when people with different perspectives and goals are working in the same environment.

We have all experienced the stress that comes from having unresolved conflicts at work.

Conflicts that are ignored or resolved badly do not go away – they cause people to feel resentful and to avoid each other. The effects on the company are a loss of productivity, a hit to employee morale, larger than normal absenteeism and bad turnover.

Our Managing Conflict in the Workplace workshop goes directly to the heart of this problem.

What Will Be Covered

Managing Conflict in the Workplace is an immersive experience which teaches you to diagnose conflict before it intensifies, apply appropriate conflict resolution techniques to specific situations, and remain calm under fire.

You must be prepared to effectively handle all types of conflicts, and this workshop will help participants understand the root of conflict, lead difficult conversations, communicate without causing defensiveness, de-escalate difficult situations, and resolve conflicts in the most positive, collaborative way possible.

This offering employs a combination of learning styles, such as instructor-led facilitation, panel discussions, video critiques, small-group working sessions and role-play scenarios based on real organizational scenarios.

Participants will also discover more about themselves as they learn how to use their conflict management talents for the greater good of both their relationships and the organization. Utilizing a blend of instruction, demonstration and feedback, the workshop provides practice opportunities for new skills learned.

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  1. Reduced time spent refereeing disagreements and conflicts between team members
  2. Reduced stress because problems and conflicts are faced and solved instead of ignored or avoided
  3. More openness because employees feel more comfortable bringing up their issues and working out their differences
  4. Increased confidence of managers and leaders in having difficult conversations to resolve conflict

Participants Will Learn:

  • That conflict is inevitable, unavoidable–even healthy. The existence of conflict is not the problem, but rather how it is resolved.
  • How to leverage potential conflict situations as opportunities for critical conversations that enhance work relationships
  • The five different conflict management styles and how to best use them to manage conflict in a productive, positive way, all while keeping relationships intact.
  • How to gain confidence in holding difficult conversations calmly and assertively
  • How to actively listen to others’ points of view, for better understanding and improved work relations
  • How to express needs and problems openly and honestly without blame, criticism, or finger-pointing
  • How to mediate disputes between team members, while maintaining the self-esteem of all parties by identifying contentious tactics to avoid

Ideal For:

Those desiring to increase their conflict management skills.  We have a variety of versions of the content customized for:

  • Executive & Seasoned Managers
  • Middle Managers & Supervisors
  • New Managers & Team Leaders
  • All Employees

Additional Information

Coaching Resources for Participants



In addition to the workshop listed above, Shockingly Different Leadership has 50+certified coaches available to provide 1:1 and/or group coaching to management staff.

How to Book Workshop

Conflict Management in the Workplace is an experience that we will co-create together with you.

Once you decide to schedule a Discovery session with us, we will work with you to add in company-specific customizations, such as policies, processes, and procedures .

Module lengths vary from 3-7 hours, and can be facilitated in both in-person and virtual formats.

Pricing is determined based on final course customizations required and number of deliveries.

To get a proposal on bringing this workshop to your organization, contact us to discuss choices, dates and pricing.

Payment Options

SDL provides two payment options for your convenience:

  1. Credit Card: You can bill the workshop to a corporate or personal credit card.
  2. Purchase Order/Invoice: SDL will send a bill directly to you or your company. If a purchase order or registration in your company’s vendor system is required, please contact us at 770-384-1103.

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