The Genius of Advertising on Shockingly Different Leadership's Podcasts

 A tremendous opportunity for brands to connect with CHROs and/or Corporate Business Decision-Makers (Director-level+)

Podcasts are popular!  More importantly, podcasts attract niche audiences that are exceptionally loyal.


Karan Ferrell-Rhodes

Karan Ferrell-Rhodes

Podcast Host, CHRO, Organizational Effectiveness Expert & CEO of Shockingly Different Leadership

THE OPPORTUNITY:  Podcasting has experienced explosive growth in recent years.  According to Edison Research, over 100 million Americans are now monthly podcast listeners. And at SDL, we have a huge, engaged audience, which presents an appealing advertising opportunity for brands and marketers. 

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE REACH:  Unlike trade shows, one major advantage of podcast ads is the ability to precision target niche audiences. While conferences, radio, TV and print ads must appeal to a broad demographic, the wide range of podcast genres allows advertisers to micro-target very specific target profiles. 

WILL LISTENERS REALLY LISTEN? The on-demand nature of podcasts drives strong engagement. Our listeners actively choose to consume one or both podcasts and over 84% of our audiences listen to at least 75% of each episode.  This mindset contrasts with TV, radio and print, where attention levels can be passive. Our podcast listeners tend to be focused on absorbing the lessons of the strategies we discuss, making them more receptive to your brand messaging, thus giving you the best ROI on your Lead at the Top of Your Game or Blended Workforces @Work podcast advertising spend.

DON’T YOU LOVE HAVING OPTIONS? We currently accommodate your choice of pre-roll (ad placed at the beginning of podcast episode) or mid-roll (ad placed at middle of podcast episode).  Also, you may provide your own audio or have our host record your ad.  All content must be pre-approved by SDL.

    MULTI-TOUCH ATTRIBUTION:  Podcast ads drive results beyond the initial ad exposure through downstream online activity. The host often encourages listeners to take further action by visiting the advertiser’s website for deals, resources, contests, etc. These calls-to-action allow brands to attribute additional conversions to the podcast ad as part of the buyer’s journey.

    HOW DO WE CHARGE?  We charge by the episode vs downloads due to the multi-faceted way that we promote your sponsorship to our highly engaged audiances.  We use a combination of podcast ads, newsletter feature, page on our website and social media.  This allows our advertisers to get more bang for their buck with mutiple exposures.  Click on the buttons below to see current rates.

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