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Karan Ferrell-Rhodes

Karan Ferrell-Rhodes

Podcast Host, Organizational Effectiveness Expert & CEO of Shockingly Different Leadership

Pick your choice of executive research studies and you’ll find that most of the C-suite say that the gap between the employee talent they currently have and the skills that are needed is what keeps them up at night. Executives are being forced to boldly question long-held assumptions about how work should be done, who should do it, and the role of the physical office and technology solutions.

That’s why Blended Workforces are one of the hottest talent strategies today.  For those who don’t know, blended workforces are when employers use a mix of traditional employees with external resources like independent contractors, consultants, vendors, and technology– all in the hopes of enhancing competitiveness, ensuring cost flexibility, and expediting business goals. This sounds like a no-brainer, right?  Well, it’s not as easy as it seems.

Unfortunately, effectively leading and managing blended workforces is very dynamic and complex, and has been overlooked by MBA programs and in-house corporate training departments. But now the topic of blended workforces has its own home!

Subscribe to the podcast and tune in each Thursday as we navigate how to go about up-leveling and optimizing blended workforces to do their best work.  Listen in as Karan gives us an insider’s look into how the world’s most progressive companies manage blended workforces, scale their talent capabilities, source the perfect external consultants, lead organizational change initiatives, flex their business functions on-demand, reduce costs and better manage their human capital project spend.

We’ll focus on supporting both sides of the table:

  • First, by helping employers unpack best practices to implement and blind spots to avoid when infusing a blended workforce strategy that will enable their ability to quickly adapt to changing business demands, as needed.
  • And on the flipside, we aim to help the wild, wild west of contractors and suppliers out there, by providing insights on how to master the critical success factors that will improve their chances of finding and landing lucrative contract opportunities.

So, no matter if you are the head of HR, a C-Suite leader, a business executive, in Finance or procurement, or a product or service provider, this podcast is for you.  Welcome to our family and bring a friend, because it’s time for all of us to get smarter about Blended Workforces @Work!

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