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NOTABLE is a private, cross-industry network designed to support high-achieving, advanced-level leaders who are not yet in the C-Suite (VP, Director/GM+).  It is the ideal experience for those desiring to sharpen their leadership execution acumen, increase their network of strategic supporters and expand their capability for roles of broader scope and responsibility.


Who We Are

The only global, cross-industry network focused on sharpening the leadership execution competencies of phenomenal leaders making NOTABLE impact at their employer or in the business world.

Our community is a family of accomplished, advanced leaders who are just steps away from the executive suite and desiring to better “lead at the top of their game” in their profession or industry.

Definition of notable:
A prominent person making noteworthy impact.

NOTABLE is proud to be strengthening leadership pipelines across the world! 

Join your peers in exploring strategies for navigating organizational change, managing the stress of accountability to multiple stakeholders, effectively leading through daily challenges, and identifying “what’s next” for you on the career horizon.


NOTABLE’S 1-1-1-initiative

By the end of 2030, NOTABLE aims to have:

  • Partnered with 1K+ employers across the globe, to help strengthen their leadership pipelines via the participation of their most promising high-potential, advanced-level employees in NOTABLE.
  • Developed the leadership execution acumen and supported 1M+ high-performing leaders to “lead at the top of their game” in their profession or industry
  • Demonstrated a tangible ROI of the experience, by articulating how NOTABLE participants have made a combined $1B+ of positive impact at their employers and in the communities in which we all live.

A Message From Our Founder | Karan’s Bio


It may be lonely at the top but it is bewildering in the upper middle-ranks.

Leaders at the Director/General Manager+ levels frequently feel like they are drowning in quicksand, as they navigate being “sandwiched” between more junior and more senior leaders.

Unfortunately, there are few cross-industry support communities for this niche segment of the leader workforce and most HR teams are understaffed, under-resourced or unable to provide a viable large-scale development alternative.


We see ourselves as a private leader development network who is committed to creating the most powerful talent pool high-potential, ready-now leaders, most of whom are at a critical stage in their career.

By leading the way, we are challenging the status quo and impacting the future of business, while also molding the next generation of executive leaders who hopefully will more positively impact the communities in which we all live.

proud Ally of Employers

NOTABLE is changing the fabric of leader readiness and impact, in order to elevate career trajectories and deepen company bench strength.

And for those companies who are also “all-in” on this mission, NOTABLE can play an important role in helping to attract, cultivate and retain key talent via an influential global, cross-industry network that provides mentorship, differentiated development & executive support.

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