Are You a CEO or HR Leader Desiring to Uplevel Your People, Talent & Culture Infrastructure?


If yes, then having a CHRO Consigliere may be invaluable to help you

confidentially plan and execute any urgent People initiatives!


*con·sig·li·e·re:  a trusted strategic advisor and confidante to an important person, who provides thought leadership and sound counsel, so that the leader can more effectively influence, impact and lead.


Are Your People and Talent Challenges
Steadily Increasing In Complexity ?

Do You Have Big Goals or Major Change Efforts but Lack Staff Capability or Capacity?

Will Any Underperformance on Your People Initiatives Have
a Negative Impact?

Ever Wish For an Experienced Thought Partner to Help Navigate Workplace Dynamics?


If so, consider allowing me or one of my team to be your CHRO Consigliere for the next 3+ months.


First of all, congratulations on absolutely rocking your career progression and leadership impact thus far! You are uniquely special and hopefully highly valued by your organization. However, at your current leadership level, I bet you have immense accountability with a never-ending list of complex People-related challenges.

I also know how it can be incredibly lonely in your role, but if you’re game, I’d love to accelerate the momentum you’ve already achieved and help increase the trajectory of any urgent People and Culture priorities you’d like to implement.

For many, the thought of figuring out how to navigate such uncertainty alone, when your job and reputation are on the line, feels so unsettling. Add to it the challenges that arise if your internal staff lacks the capability or capacity to implement needed requirements immediately.


I am here to be a confidante and thought partner, as well as make the implementation of People initiatives easier for you.

Karan Ferrell-Rhodes

Karan Ferrell-Rhodes

Lead CHRO Consigliere


What is a CHRO Consigliere?

A CHRO Consigliere provides executive-level, talent-focused thought partnership to the C-suite. The role frequently collaborates with the CEO and/or current CHRO (or highest-level HR leader). The CHRO Consigliere functions as a strategic HR consultant, to help leaders build, uplevel, or tweak the company’s People infrastructure and practices.

While the Godfather movie trilogy made the term “consigliere” famous, actually, the term is as old as mankind.  Behind every great leader and leadership feat in human history, there has been a consigliere-type of role.

A CHRO Consigliere is an organizational strategist and thought partner who supports executive leaders in:

  • Elevating their vision and getting HR initiatives accomplished, with minimal disruption to the business
  • Thinking outside of the box
  • Making the right judgment calls while also setting the most appropriate course of action
  • Eliminating any feelings of imposter syndrome
  • Narrowing down and making the right, tough decisions of mind-boggling complexity
  • Navigating complex industry dynamics and the global environment
  • Changing directions and guiding through chaos
  • Accumulating influence, dynamism and strategic alliances
  • Catalyzing differentiated results than the norm
  • Holding up a mirror and playing “devil’s advocate”, when needed
  • Reinforcing their strong reputation in order to build an impeccable leadership brand


Why Karan?

After over 20 years as a global HR and leadership development executive for Fortune 100 companies, along with having studied over 10K high achieving leaders as part of my research for my book, Lead at the Top of Your Game,  I am passionate about high performance in the workplace.

My differentiating value vs other consultants is the approach I use to support organizations who have the the wisdom and moxie to create and deploy People initiatives that uplevel and optimize their workforces to do their best work.  I would be honored to collaborate and share with you my knowledge about some of the most feasible alternatives to best tackle the challenges you are facing right now.


And the Added Bonus?

Although I continuously stay on top of the trends and best practices in the world of work, I don’t work alone.  I am fortunate to have a fabulous team of 32 CHRO Consiglieires and over 250 of the most accomplished experts in every function of the HR industry that you can imagine, at my (and your) beck and call.  Together, we will help you to:

  • Stay abreast of the the Talent megatrends occuring both globally and in your industry
  • Confidently implement new People strategies and initiatives
  • Anticipate and understand how your workforce may react to your transformation efforts
  • Refine your leadership approach in a way that accelerates followership
  • Navigate and effectively resolve conflicts or unforeseen pushback
  • Have a confidential “safe space” to test ideas and vent frustrations

    DID YOU KNOW . . . . ?


    40% of newly promoted employees fail in the first 18 months. (- DDI leadership survey)

    70% of organizations outsource at least one HR function. (-Bersin by Deloitte)

    The global human resources consulting market is valued at approximately $40.2 billion.

    Organizations spend an average of $1,271 per employee on leadership development (-Bersin by Deloitte)

    72% of leaders reported experiencing tremendous pressure, but given minimal support (- DDI leadership survey)

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