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Organizational Development, Organizational Effectiveness, Transformation & Culture initiatives are all critical processes that help organizations build their capacity to change and achieve greater effectiveness by developing, improving, and reinforcing strategies, structures, and processes.

A company’s lifeblood is tied to it’s people, their skills and how they are organized. In today’s complex business environment, an organization’s success is dependent on the performance of its employees, vendors and stakeholders as well as the organization structure that provides goals, objectives, leadership and inclusion for all.

Our consultants are subject matter experts who have worked with non-profits, Fortune 50 companies, fast paced entrepreneurial start-ups and everything in between.  We work as advisors, consultants and/or interim executives to help you address both strategic challenges and operational gaps.

We have numerous tools, processes, assessments, workshops, surveys and change interventions that are focused on maximizing the effectiveness and engagement of a company’s workforce.

Allow us to help you elevate and accelerate the most urgent aspects of your strategic workforce-related goals.

How We Provide You Value

Human Process Interventions

Individual - Team - Intergroup - Organization

Structural Interventions

Reengineering - Workforce Analysis - Realignments

HRM Interventions

Talent Management - Wellness - Succession Planning - Diversity

Change Interventions

Transformational - Continuous - Transorganizational

Yes, change is hard, but not impossible. Our OD/OE experts will be your guide through the 7 critical steps of any major initiative:

  1. SCOPING:  When your organization spots a problem or an opportunity for improvement, we will help you gather the right stakeholders to scope the challenge in detail, agree upon the exact body of work to be done and define what success looks like.
  2. DIAGNOSING: We will then assess how your org is currently functioning by collecting information or looking at currently available data to try to find the root cause or most urgent priorities.
  3. DATA COLLECTION: We will collect additional data to validate or disprove assumptions and theories.  Insights from things like existing data from work systems, questionnaires, interviews, observations, and ‘fly on the wall’ conversations will help inform the next best course of action.
  4. FEEDBACK:  This is where we share with you our thoughts, perceptions and recommendations, in a way that’s understandable and action-driven.
  5. CO-CREATION:  We work together with you to design the intervention or initiative in a way which allows the organization to absorb it effectively and measure progress against success criteria.
  6. EXECUTION:  This is where the rubber meets the road.  We help you lead and manage your initiative, with an eye towards gaining support and followership.  Activities are focused on motivating change, creating a vision, developing support, managing the transition and sustaining momentum.
  7. EVALUATION:  Progress and metrics are examined in order to determine what’s going well and where there are opportunities for improvement.  Reinforcing your wins and pivoting if needed, will lead to a better experience by all stakeholders.

Examples of great times to call us is . . . . . .
–  When you are looking to enhance employee engagement
–  When you are working to ensure inclusive practices and a welcoming workplace
–  When experiencing a change in business direction
–  When planning for management and leadership transitions
–  When you are building a new team or reforming your current team
–  When the work requires new skills, knowledge, or behaviors
–  When planning for a merger, acquisition or workforce realignment
–  When embarking on a major change initiative

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of project opportunities do you support?
Answer:  We support Talent Development, Human Resources, and Org Effectiveness initiatives.
-Project Based
-Interim Coverage, due to occurrences such as personal leaves, restructuring, etc.
-Customized Programs or Solutions

How do you assign your experts to project opportunities?
Answer: Our consultants are tenured members of our team who’ve been assigned to numerous previous engagements. Prior to any new project engagement, we first develop a comprehensive understanding of the objectives of our client.  Then we select the top 2-3 experts in our consultant pool, to confirm their interest and true fit. We then present our prospective clients with a curated short-list of our staff who are ready, qualified, and excited to collaborate on your scope of work.

Why should I use SDL for my people-related contract needs?
Answer: Great question!  We’re here to earn your business. Top talent is critical to any business’s success and we’re proud to be your potential co-collaborators. We deliver execution-ready, vetted, high quality experts that fit within your budget and allow you to focus on best next steps.

What fees does SDL charge?
Answer: We do not charge any service fees.  Who wants those?  You should only pay a fair amount for the work we provide. We function similar to most company vendors who partner with organizations. When you meet with us, we will jointly discuss your project budget and SDL will send you a proposal for the scope of work. All payments are processed through SDL and are equal to the agreed upon project cost. We pay our consultants directly.

How do I pay SDL?
Answer: Once a contract is agreed upon and signed by all parties, you select your desired form of payment. A purchase order may be opened or payments may be securely made to SDL via check or credit card. Note: for most contracts, a small deposit is required to start all contracted projects.

Does all talent work remotely?
Answer: It’s your call. When a company provides us with their talent needs, they can specify if the work is primarily in office, remote or a combination of the two.

Am I able to have the talent sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before getting started on my project or assignment?
Answer: You better believe it!  They have already signed one with SDL, but we can have them sign your organization’s as well.

What geographies do you serve?
Answer: We are a global firm who support clients in all geographies.

I am a consultant who would like to work for SDL. How can I join the team?
Answer: We would be happy to review your credentials, but please know that we are not a temporary placement agency who accepts resumes from thousands of interested parties.

We are a contracting firm whose niche specialty is in supporting HR functions like Learning & Development, Org Development/Effectiveness, and general Human Resources.

SDL’s differentiating value to our clients is in offering skilled, contract talent who have a proven work history with SDL.  If you would like to learn more about how to be considered for our expert team, please click here.

Employer of Record Services

“Employer of Record” services, also called Contractor Management, is considered an essential element of many organizations’ talent strategy.

When you partner with an Employer of Record, you outsource the administration and payment of contract labor to us, which allows you to save both time and money by collaborating with only 1 vendor partner.

We handle all payments, paperwork, tax forms, background checks, insurance, drug screenings, on-boarding/off-boarding, and contractor relations issues. These services are ideal for:

  • Contractor/1099 Management
  • Short-term or Special Projects
  • Interim or Probationary Hiring
  • On-Call Employees
  • Internal Head Count Restrictions

Interested in exploring whether these services may be ideal for your company?

Let’s schedule a time to chat.

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