About SDL

Shockingly Different Leadership is a global human capital services consultancy that helps companies solve the problem of quickly locating trusted expertise to help them get their “people projects” done. SDL partners with company executives and senior leaders of Learning & Development, Organizational Development, and Human Resources teams to execute business-critical, talent-related initiatives on an on-demand, project, or contract basis.

SDL is renowned for developing savvy, high performing individuals to become even stronger leaders who “lead at the top of their game” in their organization or industry.  We both sponsor our own development experiences as well as partner with organizations to create or augment their internal talent development programs.

But we don’t stop there!  Our internal team of experts support organizations in the execution of their “people” projects. Have an upcoming Talent Development, Org Development, Human Resources or Leadership initiative?  Scale your capability and capacity to handle initiatives like workshop facilitation, organizational realignments, team building retreats, change initiatives, leader transitions, mergers, talent acquisition and special projects.

We’re a rare breed of consultancy. We’re a nimble, focused, and feisty group of leadership transformation innovators who raise the bar of performance and motivate teams to deliver more innovation and impact than ever thought possible.

From our headquarters in Atlanta, our consultants travel the globe, helping companies inspire and empower their employee ranks – by developing an unstoppable army of leaders who are energized to exceed the boldest of business objectives.

“Leading at the top of your game” isn’t something you can wait for, wish for, or delegate. You have to have the guts to make it happen. You and your team’s next best contribution hasn’t likely been conceived yet, but we want to see you challenge convention and see it come to life.

We want to support you in that journey to see the magic of what individuals performing at “the top of their game” can do.

>>That is why we come to work every day.


We live to equip and empower HR, Learning, OD and Talent functions to help their organizations become future ready, today.

We do that by being our clients’ favorite ally
by both being a thought partner & serving as a source for expert consulting resources.

And for those organizations that have the wisdom and moxie to do so,
we help them co-create & deploy people initiatives that uplevel & optimize their workforces to do their best work.




A few of our feisty group of leadership and “people” transformation innovators!

Our project leads and support teams are ready to kick-start your next initiative!
Make an appointment to discuss the possibilities.

Karan Ferrell-Rhodes
CEO - Atlanta, GA

Learning & OD Strategist - Facilitation - Program/Workshop Design - Coach

Shian Chuan
Seattle, WA
Career Coach, Workshop Facilitation, Job Transitions
Cherry Collier
Atlanta, GA
Executive Coach - Leadership Trainer - Inclusion Strategist
Tony Crabb
Leadership Consultant - Leadership Researcher - Curriculum Designer
Anthony Dorsett
Fort Lauderdale, FL
K-12 Educational Leadership - Teacher & Administration Coach
Jan Gelman
Seattle, WA
Facilitator - Leadership Coach - Change Management
Laurie Genevish
Atlanta, GA
Expert on Harrison Assessments - Performance Improvement Consultant
James Hayase
Tokyo, Japan
Executive Coach - Workshop Facilitator - Japanese Translator
Rhonda Hight
Atlanta, GA
Workshop Facilitator - DiSC Expert - Diversity and Inclusion
Karen Hilton
Atlanta, GA
Executive Coach - Workshop Facilitator - HR Generalist
Dorris Hollingsworth
Atlanta, GA
Manager and Team Coaching - Recruiting/ Improved Hiring Decisions
Mel Mitchell
Dallas, TX
Curriculum Design - Rotational Programs - Leadership Strategy
Sabina Nawaz
Vancouver, Canada
CEO Coach - Keynote Speaker - Leadership Facilitation
Alicia Newton
Atlanta, GA
eLearning - Diversity & Inclusion - Workshop Facilitation
Clare Norman
United Kingdom
Executive Coaching - Action Learning - Leadership Transitions
Paul O'Beirne
Seattle, WA
Executive Coach - Workshop Facilitator - Assessments
Erin Lockhart O'Connell
Seattle, WA
Coaching - Leadership Development - Culture Evolution - Change Management
Heather Parks
Atlanta, GA
Talent Development - Leadership Coach - OE Consultant
Danila Palmieri
Atlanta, GA

Project Management - Facilitator - OD Consultant

Carol Rice
Atlanta, GA
Operations Manager - Meeting Logistics - Data Analysis
Gary Richardson
Houston, TX

Leadership Development - Diversity & Inclusion - Coach

Cyndi Ryan
Dallas, TX

Leadership Development - Human Resources - Coach

Angie Smith
Southern California
Organizational Development - Leadership Development - Action Learning
Sabrina Smith
Chicago, IL

Coaching - Facilitation - Speaking

Mike Saporito
San Francisco, CA
Strategic advisory - Coaching - Facilitation - Workplace analytics
Al Sullivan
Raleigh Durham, NC
Organizational Development - Diversity & Inclusion - Facilitation
McKieva Sullivan
Atlanta, GA
Training and Facilitation - Instructional Design - Web-based Training
Shannon Wallis
Seattle, WA
Leadership Development - Organizational Change Consultant - Coach


Shockingly Different Leadership is a human capital professional services consultancy that provides organizations access to the best consulting expertise in the areas of Talent Development, Organizational Development, and Human Resources – on an on-demand, project, or contract basis.


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