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Our CEO, Karan Ferrell-Rhodes is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council, an invitation-only community for leading business and career coaches. She is a featured contributor, sharing insights and hot tips on a variety of leadership, business, and workforce-related topics.  

Being a partner with the Forbes Coaching Council allows Karan to fulfill one of her passions to equip and empower others via best practices learned from her experiences during both her corporate career as well as from being SDL’s CEO and Lead Strategist.  Her background leading strategic people initiatives in the human resources, talent development and organizational development fields have helped catapult cross-industry organizations across the globe.

Enjoy some of her popular insights via the links below, as she shares her unique perspectives to create impact on a larger scale. 

In Karan's Words: What inspired you to become a Forbes expert?


“For my entire career, I’ve heard organizations tout how their people are their #1 asset.  However, it pains me when orgs lack the knowledge, resources or bandwidth to effectively support the very people accountable for their bottom-line.

I’ve always been the type of person who wanted to help improve the professional lives of others.  I’ve been lucky to have had tremendous mentors and many rare experiences, whose lessons might be of value to others.

I thrive on being a favorite ally to others – by being a thought partner, sharing wisdom and inspiring the moxie which will assist in up-leveling and optimizing workforces to do their best work.

We all need a hand sometimes, as success is not achieved alone. Partnering with Forbes is my chance to pay it forward to help nurture the legacies of both today’s and tomorrow’s leaders.”

Forbes Coaches Council Q/A Features on

2020 Features in Forbes

January 10, 202013 Signs That It’s Time To Pivot Your Business
Karan’s Quick Tip:  Read Item 2 – Clients Are Telling You To

January 8, 202016 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Pursue A Side Hustle
Karan’s Quick Tip:  Read Item 4 – Will your intellectual property be safe?

January 8, 202015 Essential Tips And Tricks For The Modern Salesperson
Karan’s Quick Tip:  Read Item 14 – Own Relationships With Decision-Makers

January 7, 202015 Ways To Actually Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions In 2020
Karan’s Quick Tip:  Read Item 10 – Create A Team Of Accountability Partners

January 6, 202015 Clear Signs Your Employee Deserves A Promotion
Karan’s Quick Tip:  Read Item 9 – Your Business Needs Align With Their Capabilities

January 6, 2020Promoted To Management? 15 Ways To Navigate Workplace Relationship Changes
Karan’s Quick Tip:  Read Item 9 – Renegotiate Your ‘New Normal’

January 3, 2020How To Keep Company Culture Intact After Leaders Leave: 15 Effective Tips
Karan’s Quick Tip:  Read Item 14 – Don’t Leave Dead Bodies In The Wake

2019 Features in Forbes

December 30, 201912 Starting Points For Pivoting Your Business
Karan’s Quick Tip:  Read Item 1 – Create A Strategic Mind Map

December 27, 2019Has Your Company Brand Lost Its Luster? Try These 14 Tips
Karan’s Quick Tip:  Read Item 5 – Peel Back The Layers Of The Onion

December 27, 201910 Programs And Tools Every Remote Worker Needs For Guaranteed Success
Karan’s Quick Tip:  Read Item 7 – Headspace

December 16, 201915 Smart Negotiating Techniques For Business Professionals
Karan’s Quick Tip:  Read Item 9 – Embrace The ‘Pregnant Pause’

December 13, 201912 Ways The Gig Economy May Evolve In 2020 And How It Will Impact The Business World
Karan’s Quick Tip:  Read Item 4 – The New Workforce Optimization Strategy

December 12, 2019Job Hunting? 15 Ways To Keep Up With Your Current Job While You Look
Karan’s Quick Tip:  Read Item 6 – Tap Into Your Network Of Strategic Supporters

December 11, 201915 Proactive Strategies That Establish Entry-Level Professionals As Leaders
Karan’s Quick Tip: Read Item 13 – Do The Unexpected

December 6, 2019Finding Inspiration In The Day-To-Day: 15 Ways To Set Yourself Up For Success
Karan’s Quick Tip:  Read Item 9 – Be OK With The Need To Pivot

November 27, 2019Want To Be A Better Team Player? Take These 15 Steps
Karan’s Quick Tip:  Read Item 11 – Have A Dual Focus On Individual And Team Needs

November 27, 2019Seven Work-Life Balance Tips For The Busy Holiday Season
Karan’s Quick Tip:  Read Item 8 – Be Transparent With Colleagues And Family Members About Your Priorities

November 26, 201915 Common Pitfalls To Avoid As A New Business Owner Or Entrepreneur
Karan’s Quick Tip:Read Item 2 – Not Articulating What Truly Differentiates You

November 25, 201915 Essential Questions To Ask Your Mentor Or Business Coach
Karan’s Quick Tip:Read Item 2- Who else should I speak to?

November 20, 201914 Ways To Embrace And Accept Change In Your Life
Karan’s Quick Tip:  Read Item 7 – Redefine Change To Be Your ‘Nirvana’


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