Ready to Bring Your A+ Game?

The world needs the type of leadership that only you alone can give!


Everyone has a “game."

A “game” is an area of specialty, dominance, or expertise in which you thrive.

Unfortunately, very few individuals or companies are successful in carving out a niche where they are perceived as being elite leaders in their game of choice.

As a veteran leadership and organizational development executive of numerous Fortune 100 corporations, Karan Ferrell-Rhodes researched over 10,000 global high-potential leaders and organizations, to pinpoint how they rose to the top of their game in their profession or industry.

She also explored how these elite leaders overcame any inhibitors to  the pinnacle of success that only 5% of the population ever achieves.

Her discovery was this simple yet powerful idea:
Leaders become elite by providing differentiating value to an urgent, unmet need.

In Lead at the Top of Your Game, Karan provides a step-by-step blueprint of how you too can provide the type of differentiating value which dramatically increases your ability to influence and lead, no matter if you are:

  • An entrepreneur looking to catapult your business in a way that draws more raving fans

  • A high potential individual chartering your professional trajectory

  • A manager looking to invigorate your directs into an even higher performing team

  • A leader accountable for long-term sustainability in a hyper-competitive industry

Karan shares stories behind the journeys of successful leaders’ rise to the top and shows why it is critical to master:

  1. Disrupting the game, by transforming your key strengths into key differentiators.
  2. Owning the game, by honing your craft and showcasing the 7 Leadership Tactics That Drive Differentiating Value
  3. Branding the game, by successfully associating your name, product, or service with your profession or industry.

We are living in an era where even the most ambitious and rewarding work must fight for the attention of those it can serve the most.  It is no longer good enough to just secure a “seat at the table”;  you should aim to “lead the table.”

Karan makes a compelling case of how mastery of providing differentiating value is new required leadership competency.  If you desire to learn how to lead at the top of your game in order to become successful in unexpected ways, realize the impact you want to make in the world and attract a legend of raving fans in the process . . . then this book is for you!



“Leverage your sweet spot”

The ability to use your areas of expertise to “peek around corners” in order to spot trends, connect the dots, and identify new areas of opportunity that others miss.


“The unwritten rules are the toughest to read”

The ability to have the fortitude to take calculated risks to stand up for what you believe and do the right thing, even when the consequences and/or future is unclear.


“Oh, the games people play”

The ability to assess interpersonal dynamics and operate effectively in a variety of social situations.


“A hero’s gamble to break boundaries”

Building the organization by identifying new opportunities to develop or improve operations, products, or services.


“Separating real leaders from the wanabees”

The ability to be persistent and tenacious in ensuring goals are achieved.


“The power of swagger”

The ability to make clear and convincing oral and/or written presentations in order to influence and lead others.


“Cracking the code of the unknown”

The ability to make good decisions or lead a good decision making process, based on top strategic goals and priorities.

Ready to start leading at the top of your own game? Ready to help your employees or team do the same?

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So few talented individuals actually realize their leadership potential and it has been my life’s work to understand the root causes as to why.

I have written this book to help you succeed in a leadership journey that 90 percent of the population aspires to but never achieves.

But for those who do, they are able to supersede their potential. Leadership at this pinnacle is a place of nirvana and those who reach it fight like hell to stay there.

I want this for you, and I hope this book will give you insights as to how to get there.

Karan Ferrell-Rhodes

CEO, Shockingly Different Leadership

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