November is typically “hunker-down” season for performance review planning for most employed individuals. It is your last chance to exceed your performance objectives before the end-of-year.

Written by

Written by

Karan Rhodes

Regardless of the timing of your performance review cycle, now is the time to get your house in order if you desire an exemplary performance review rating and the compensation awards which typically are attached to outstanding achievements.

Individuals who typically shine during performance review time, use their powers of Executive Presence, one of the top 7 leadership competencies high performing individuals.

Executive Presence is the ability to make clear and convincing oral and/or written presentations in order to influence and lead others.

Your ability to make a convincing argument during the performance review evaluation process can tremendously impact both your compensation and future prospects for career advancement.


Tip of the Day:  Performance Review

There are 3 powerful words which catapult the value of your work in the minds of your superiors – the words “as demonstrated by”. This phrase solidifies proof of your accomplishments that will be hard for the organization to refute.

As you begin writing your self-review, there are 3 facts to keep in mind:

  1. You must be your own workplace advocate.
  2. You must take ownership of giving your manager the data and talking points for them to feel comfortable advocating on your behalf when you are not in the room.
  3. Your talking points should be directly linked to your boss’, your department’s and the company’s uber goals. This lays a clear pathway of how the work you are doing connects with the business metrics of the organization.

The way you do this is by including those magic 3 words “as demonstrated by” in your self-evaluation performance review write-up. The words, “as demonstrated by” give decision makers the data they need to tout how your achievements have impacted the broader organization.

Allow me to give you an example:

Pretend you are a sales representative for a cupcake company and one of your performance objectives was to increase sales by 20%. As you write your self evaluation for your performance review, for each accomplishment, add the phrase “as demonstrated by” to the end of your objective in order to give context to the impact of your success.

An example statement could be:

“One of my goals was to increase sales by 20%. I’m extremely proud to say that I exceeded this goal as demonstrated by my securing 3 new wholesale accounts which resulted in an addition of $100K projected revenue over the next 6 months and $500K projected revenue over the next 3 years. These new accounts will increase net growth by 25% year over year.”

Now having read that position statement, what boss wouldn’t be impressed and could justify a bad review rating?

Don’t be shy! Give it a try.