Our Contractor Management Service (CMS)
help companies optimize a blended workforce
of both internal and external talent.

Capitalize on a Flexible Workforce Structure to Reduce Risk While Simultaneously Optimizing Business Operations

Today’s companies, both large and small, are constantly forced to face re-evaluating the composition mix of their internal versus external talent in order to shift strategies, better meet business goals and remain viable in highly competitive markets and industries.

However, most companies recognize the need to reduce legal and tax risk by allowing a trusted 3rd party to handle the strategic planning, on-boarding, work direction and payment of their external workforce.  This is where SDL provides differentiating value, as compared to other vendor partners.

Research indicates that over 45% of workforces will be made up of contract/flexible talent within the next 2 years, a trend which is a growing three times faster than traditional employment. Now, you too have a powerful option to add as a strategic component to your workforce initiatives.  The ability to scale up or down development manpower as needed, without impacting employee morale, is a priceless competitive advantage in the war for talent.

Our Contractor Management Service will help you:

  • Set up and manage your independent contractor engagement program – from on-boarding to off-boarding
  • Better leverage an external workforce which reduces costs and enables the improvement of overall financial performance
  • Eliminate the administrative burden of finding, engaging and managing independent workers
  • Manage your talent supply chain for compliance, consistency and the reduction of legal risks, no matter if you have 1 or 10,000 contractors

Why Do You Need Our Contractor Management Service? 

Companies are significantly increasing their engagement of contract and project workers to manage rising labor costs, supplement workplace talent and build their agility in a rapidly changing marketplace. Yet this workforce is usually managed at arm’s length, creating significant risk and cost exposure, in addition to negatively affecting performance and engagement.

Under SDL’s CMS model, we become the human resource function for our clients’ external talent workforce. This ensures a streamlined approach to workforce management, as well as clear accountability for all stages of a contract worker’s engagement.

Let’s face it.  Your current team is stretched thin and the SDL Contractor Management Service provides a viable option of support without killing your bottom line profitability.  Our partnership may be key to staying on the cutting edge of innovation and beating the competition.


You may be asking yourself, “Can we afford to outsource all or part of our Contractor Management?”  A better question to ask  is, “Can you afford not to?”

Rarely is there “extra” budget for this type of initiative, however in some cases, utilizing contract staff may in fact make better business sense.  According to the principles of cost accounting, an employee actually costs their employer 2.4 – 3.3 times their base salary.  This includes expense allocations for items such as medical/dental insurance, worker’s comp insurance, liability insurance, 401k contribution, bonuses, payroll taxes, paid time off and their share of indirect costs (training, meeting expenses, office supplies, legal fees, technology services, office rent, corporate taxes, mobile devices, conferences/trade shows, etc.)

Using a Contractor Management Service partner, only when needed, usually saves a company up to 40% due to non-existent employee-related expenses.

From short-term contract project engagements to highly complex, multi-year enterprise-wide rollouts, our expert contract management professionals work with you to understand your business needs to deliver work initiatives on-time and under budget.


Our Differentiating Value: 

  • We manage contractors that either you and/or we have sourced.  SDL ensures that all contractors are appropriately screened for skill level, have a successful track record and are cleared of appropriate background checks.
  • SDL has deep acumen in negotiating the most advantage fees for our clients, savings which we pass on to you.
  • SDL has a world-class Contractor Excellence Program, where we continuously develop contractors, share best practices and coach on tactics for ongoing performance improvement.
  • You will be able to focus your team’s efforts on more strategic initiatives where internal knowledge is irreplaceable.
  • You will have a single point of contact for the entire project engagement.
  • You will have a partner who has all the insurance requirements, legal & accounting systems, and operational infrastructure to make your procurement department ecstatic!
  • We provide thought-leadership as we co-create the right engagement experience for your company.



Check out our blog, Contractor Management Service 101, which will give an overview of industry definitions, decision criteria and best practices to consider before partnering with a CMS.

How We Partner via Our Contractor Management Service

We partner with you to thoroughly connect the critical success factors of your Contractor Management Service strategy to the business priorities of your organization.

What differentiates our firm includes how we “do our homework” to create actionable, practical recommendations to increase the value and impact of your contract engagements.

Once you give your stamp of approval, we “plug and play” into your current rhythm of the business. And we don’t leave you hanging to do the day-to-day supervision work. Our team will take the lead to execute it – freeing your internal resources to focus on other priorities.

Our job is to make you look good! And when you look good, we look good!

Fees and Payment Options

After we go through the Discovery process to scope your needs in more detail, SDL will provide you a comprehensive Statement of Work.  Upon signed contract or Statement of Work, payments for services rendered may be made by:

  1. Credit Card: Both corporate and personal credit cards accepted.
  2. Purchase Order/Invoice: SDL will send an invoice directly to you or your company representative. If a purchase order or registration in your company’s vendor system is required, please contact us at 770-384-1103 or via email.

Ready to get started?

Get in touch to explore how SDL can support your Contractor Management Service needs.


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