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Bringing Value and Simplifying the Purchasing of
Consulting and Project Services for HR, Talent & OD Functions

A better way to find who or what you need . . . . at the time you need it and at a fee which makes you smile!

Ever have sporadic needs for cost-effective contract talent-related services, such as a Workshop Facilitator, HR Manager, Curriculum Designer, Project Manager, OD/Change Management Expert, or Executive Coach?

If so, we’ve got you covered!

Use the “power of the crowd” via our free collective buying membership, to get better deals for your organization.


Reasons to Join The SDL Purchasing Alliance

Did you know that 4 out of 5 HR leaders draw a blank when asked how much consulting services should cost?  That is why SDL created a purchasing alliance, so that you can easily get a fair price for highly specialized HR services during times of needed scale.

Contract with a vendor partner who helps you both understand market-competitive fees and offers you deep membership-related discounts.  Here are a few reasons to join your fellow colleages in the Alliance:


Choose from a broad selection of client-endorsed consultants, products and services


Achieve your supplier diversity goals.  SDL is a SMB, Woman, & Minority-owned firm


Expand your buying power – Receive exclusive price savings and discounts


We have the infrastructure of a large firm with the customer service of a small one


We meet you where you are, to co-create engagements with you

The Power of 1

1 destination and 1 point of contact to service all your contracting needs

Become More Informed

What is a purchasing alliance?

A purchasing alliance is a collective buying group, who potentially have similar interests in buying a particular type of goods and/or services. By combining their purchasing power, the group is able to secure services at a rate better than normal market prices. The SDL Purchasing Alliance serves the talent, learning, and human capital market.

The concept of a purchasing alliance originated 50 years ago in the healthcare industry – where collectively, hospitals procured huge volumes of medical supplies. Since then purchasing alliances have expanded into other sectors, but rarely for HR services . . . until now!


How does it work?

A few times per year, SDL asks the members of the purchasing alliance what type of needs are urgent in their organiztions (this “ask” is commonly called crowdsourcing).  Based on the level of demand, SDL may offer more aggressive discounts to members of the Alliance for an advertised time period.

While your org must execute a contract before the deadline, the actual delivery of services can be scheduled anytime during the year that you desire.

Think of the Alliance as an upscale cousin of Groupon.  Groupon uses collective buying to offer more favorable deals to their members. You can choose which deals are best for your organization and opt-out on others of which you have no interest.

Have an urgent need now and don’t want to wait for an offer?  All Alliance members get at least 5% off all contracted services. Submit request for a free quote here.

What is an example of an Alliance deal/discount?

For example, SDL offers a popular workshop, called Manager Essentials.

We may offer a discounted workshop rate of 20% off the normal price, exclusively for Alliance members, if their organization signs a contract to purchase the delivery of the workshop before a specific date.

Why is this a win-win?

For Alliance Members:  Group purchasing gives buying power and big savings to Alliance members.

For SDL:  SDL may end up booking numerous contracts to facilitate the workshop.  Since our revenue and staff utilization is more predictable with group purchasing, we can share the cost savings of multiple bookings back with our Purchasing Alliance members. We can also share and implement best practices across all of our contracted clients.

How much is the Purchasing Alliance membership?

Zero.  Nada.  Nothing.  No fee to join.  No minimum order/contract requirements.  No annual dues.

There are no hidden committments outside your willingness to receive our quarterly Alliance emails of the currently discounted offerings.

What is the ideal profile of an Alliance member?

Let us start by saying anyone who sees the value of membership in the Alliance is most welcome!

While we have a diverse membership, the majority of members fall into these catagories of decision-makers or influencers:

  • Business Executives/People Leaders
  • Human Resources
  • Talent Development
  • Organizational Development
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Change Management
  • Procurement
  • Finance
  • Vendor Management
  • Private Equity
Do I have to make a purchase to stay a member?

Not at all.  There are no minimum order requirements at any time.

We know that in the HR vendor services business, friends ask friends for referrals when they have a need.  We just hope that you suggest SDL as a potential option for your colleagues to explore. 

By receiving our quarterly updates and deals, you will get to better know our capabilities, if and when a need arises.

Can others join the Purchasing Alliance?

Absolutely!  We invite you to share the Alliance with your friends, colleagues and professional social networks.  Many leaders have their entire teams join.

What happens to my membership if I leave my company?

Once a member, always a member.  Your membership stays with you throughout your career.  Just be sure to contact us to update your new email address.

How many companies are currently in the Alliance?

As of now, we currently have approximately 900 Alliance members who represent 72 companies (including premiere firms like Facebook, IHG, Sealed Air, BP, EY, and Target), and are growing every day.

No company is too big or small.

You may not have a need now, but having an on-demand vendor partner for “people initiatives” when you need to scale is priceless!


A Few of Our Happy Alliance Members!


At Shockingly Different Leadership, we are committed to invest in you and earn your trust, way before you ever choose to use our services.

As a thought leader and builder of communitites within the HR function, bringing together the purchasing power & best practices of the SDL professional network was a no-brainer.  Join us to enjoy the type of value few other firms offer their current and future clients!



Submit form to the right to join the Alliance today!

Membership is forever free!


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