Top Trends- 2014

As we at Shockingly Different wind down the year with our final client engagements, we thought we’d share a few quick observations on leadership branding development that we’ve seen this year, based on our experiences with wonderful clients, just like you!

These trends were the most prominent across the board, no matter whether we worked with working professionals desiring to demonstrate they were “ready now” for new opportunities or entrepreneurs desiring to become the number one choice for more members of their target markets.

Let’s take a quick look at these 3 prominent trends:


Trend #1:  Communicating with a KISS (Keep it Short & Simple):  There has been and uptick in demand for requests to help individuals better position and communicate what unique value they bring to the table.  And where most struggle is doing this in a concise but impactful way.  Our clients state that they usually only have a few minutes, or even seconds to capture the attention of their time-starved audiences.

So, how do you do that when a senior executive in your company doesn’t have the time to read a 5 page proposal you wrote?  Or how do you to that when you are a retailer and a shopper only takes 3 seconds to look at your line of sweaters?  In other words, how do you take what already makes you outstanding, what Shockingly Different calls “your differentiating edge” to instantly grab attention, convey value, and incite others to take the action you want them to take?


Trend #2:  Needing a Lifeline:  If there is a common thread amongst all our clients, it is that they are gifted, passionate and smart!  They grab our leadership branding concepts quickly, like those we teach in Unleash Your Differentiating Edge, and just need a blueprint of what to do.  At that point, they are more than willing to take it and run from there to achieve the goals they want.

Where we’ve also seen an uptick in demand is for a lifeline, or support structure, to help mentor them through unforeseen obstacles which arise when carrying out their blueprint.  We’ve found that individuals who are able to get the help they need, see their percentage for success skyrocket.  If they are left spinning their wheels on their own, we’ve seen these talented individuals fall back into old behaviors and stay stuck.  Once they stay stuck, sadness, depression, and anger set in.  Not a good place to be, wouldn’t you agree?


Tweetable-Top 3 Leadership Branding Development TrendsTrend #3:  Developing a Powerful Strategic Supporter Network:  If you can only leave this post with one thought in mind, then I want you to spend 2015 deepening your relationships with key strategic supporters in your network.  Not one successful individual or business client of Shockingly Different succeeded alone.   It took a team effort, whether or not the key individuals were visible to the public or supported behind the scenes.

Of course, the common question we heard was, “what does strategic support look like”?  It has nothing to do with general networking.  It is a planned arrangement with a win-win outcome. We go over this concept and how to best execute it in our S.W.A.T. Mentoring Circles.  Remember, you are the face of your career or business, but you stand on the shoulders of many others who help you take your next step.


2015 is right around the corner and we want to be one of your strategic supporters who becomes a part of your 2015 success story!  Learn more about our upcoming public events, mentoring options, or schedule a call to chat with us about scheduling one of our offerings for your organization.