The Shockingly Different team is in the process of creating a new, super-valuable workshop to help entrepreneurs and small business owners just like you knock your competitors out of the water!

THE GREAT NEWS:  We already have a ton of tips and strategies ready to share with you on how to take what already makes you outstanding (what we call your “differentiating edge“) and use that advantage to help you differentiate your product or service in the minds of your target customers!


However, we know 2 indisputable facts:

  1. Some of the newer, cutting-edge tactics which are successfully capturing the hearts and minds of your customers are being implemented right now by brilliant small business leaders,  like YOU!
  2. For many of you, you’ve worked tirelessly to establish your business brand, but you still may have questions on how to better use your brand’s reputation to attract more customers and generate more revenue.

So, to ensure we provide the mind-blowing value you deserve in our upcoming offering, just for entrepreneurs and small business owners, we want to hear from you!




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  • What was the most valuable tactic you implemented in your business which brought you more clients?
  • What tips or advice would you love to receive about how to further differentiate your business to be considered as the #1 go-to option in your industry?  Where are you stuck or what is frustrating you right now about your business reputation and/or business reach?


Share your feedback to at least 1 question listed above and be eligible to win a very special prize!


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As a thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, we want to invest in YOU!

Renowned author Keith Ferrazzi emphasizes in his book “Never Eat Alone“, that one unique skill of individuals who have a strong differentiating edge is the ability to quickly build win-win relationships. We want to help make your next conversation absolutely priceless!


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