SDL’s Founder and CEO, Karan Ferrell-Rhodes, was featured on The Let’s Go Win Podcast, speaking on “Leadership Redefined: Tactics for Influential Success.”

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From the show notes:

Episode #376: In this episode, JM Ryerson interviews Karan Ferrell-Rhodes, a luminary in the realm of leadership. Karan shares her journey into the heart of effective leadership, revealing how it’s less about authority and more about the profound ability to influence and inspire action.

Karan unveils the seven pivotal leadership execution tactics researched and refined by her firm. From leading with a drive for results to mastering the art of strategic decision-making, each tactic is a critical piece of the puzzle for anyone aiming to excel in leadership roles. This episode isn’t just about theories; it’s about actionable insights that you can integrate into your daily professional life to not just achieve, but redefine success.

JM and Karan explore the essence of leadership influence, emphasizing the importance of collaboration, humility, and execution. Karan’s insights provide a roadmap for aspiring leaders to not only avoid common pitfalls but to pave their way to becoming more effective and inspirational.

Discover her unique perspective on leadership, where intellectual horsepower meets courageous agility, setting the stage for a discussion that will transform your understanding of what it truly means to lead.

00:00 Introduction and Background
00:39 Choosing the Path of Leadership
02:15 Defining Leadership as Influence
04:04 Pitfalls of Leadership
06:09 The Importance of Humility and Collaboration
08:08 The Research on Leadership Execution Tactics
12:09 The Last Mile of Leadership: Execution
15:12 Leading with Courageous Agility
19:13 Leading with Executive Presence
20:08 Leading with Stakeholder Savvy
22:23 Leading with a Drive for Results
25:07 Reflection and Redefining Winning
27:10 Resources for Further Learning
32:47 Leadership Role Models
35:53 Conclusion and Where to Find More Information

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