Do you or your organization possess a  passion and/or accountability for maximizing the untapped talent of high potential and high performing leaders?  If so, you are invited to join Shockingly Different Leadership’s Winter 2016 Executive Roundtable.

If you are not already familiar, SDL’s Executive Roundtable is an opportunity for human resources, talent development, and business leaders to collaborate with peers to discuss real world approaches to better engaging, developing and retaining their organization’s top leadership talent.

We would like to invite you to join your choice of one of our Winter 2016 Executive Roundtables (April 13th or April 14th; both live and online options available), so you can experience the power of these roundtables first-hand. We are confident it will be an invaluable use of your time. To learn more and to register:


Winter 2016 Topic Overview:


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We will discuss how the “sharing economy” and cross-industry micro-development is transforming the way companies are building future leaders.

In addition, we will showcase a unique leadership development experience called the High Visibility Program (HVP).

Your organization will have the rare opportunity to participate in a cross-industry version of this real world leadership lab, where your top talent will demonstrate the leadership acumen that differentiates world-class leaders.

At the end of the experience, you will have more visibility into the viability of your participants for roles of greater scope and responsibility. Think of the value of the additional data for your succession planning conversations! You will be a star for bringing this opportunity to your organization!