I am so thrilled and honored to be presenting a workshop at SHRM- Atlanta’s SOAHR17 Conference on how organizations can better empower and develop their high potential and next-gen leaders!

Preparing today’s leaders for the unknowns of tomorrow’s world is a huge challenge for today’s companies.  I share in their executives’ fear that if organizations don’t rethink how to both assess and prepare future leaders to be successful, the survival of many employers will be at risk.

I invite you to join me and fellow workshop attendees on Wednesday, March 29th at the 1:30 pm breakout session, as we chat about high potential leadership trends we are seeing in the workplace and best practices to address some of the more common challenges of fostering the development of key talent.

SHRM-Atlanta Conference 2017_Karan Rhodes


Workshop Overview: Come here a riveting presentation on the top forms of high potential “talent sabotage” and how to integrate small, but vital elements into your current talent rhythms in order to achieve optimal engagement, confidence, and performance from the very key talent who are the likely future leaders of your organization.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain insight on the concept of “high-potential sabotage”
  • Understand the disconnect between development that is commonly offered vs. what high potentials actually need in order to become stronger leaders
  • Evaluate the benefits of adding differentiation training as a component of your development programs to increase employee engagement and get better data for your succession planning processes

About SOAHR17:  SHRM-Atlanta is considered one of the largest mega chapters of the Society of Human Resource Management.  The SOAHR17 Conference, hosted by SHRM-Atlanta, is the premiere event for Atlanta HR professionals to participate in cutting-edge educational content while creating meaningful relationships with their peers. This power-packed two day-event is designed to strengthen the business acumen and leadership capacity of HR/talent management and business professionals through dozens of educational sessions, two keynote presentations and a cutting-edge resource partner showcase.  See Registration Information