Shockingly Different Leadership CEO, Karan Ferrell-Rhodes, was a podcast guest on the PeopleStar podcast, which is hosted by the company Trakstar.

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I want to thank Julie Rieken and the Trakstar team for inviting me to appear on their fantastic podcast, PeopleStar!  This was my first company-sponsored podcast, so I was able to stretch my own leadership and media appearance skills, lol!

We had an absolute blast discussing deeply my research on the top seven leadership tactics exhibited by the world’s most successful leaders.

Definitely check out the episode on their website, review the show notes and learn more about Trakstar’s body of work!



Join host Julie Rieken on the PeopleStar Podcast, an HR podcast made for the modern workforce. In every episode, Julie interviews a variety of business leaders to gain insight into the people, processes, structures, and cultures that make great organizations.

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