SDL’s Founder and CEO, Karan Ferrell-Rhodes, was recently featured on The AugMentors podcast, speaking on  The Secret to Employee Engagement. 

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From the show notes:

If you’re feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by the lack of concrete outcomes from your people initiatives, despite your best efforts to improve employee development and engagement, then you are not alone! Many HR professionals find themselves stuck in a cycle of implementing training programs and engagement activities, only to see minimal impact on employee performance and satisfaction. Instead of the desired results, you may be experiencing a lack of buy-in from employees, resistance to change, and a disconnect between the initiatives and the overall organizational goals.

Karan Ferrell-Rhodes is an experienced CHRO and business owner defining new horizons in the HR industry. With an illustrious career path marked by consistency, she now leads Shockingly Different Leadership as its CEO. Her book, Leading at the Top of Your Game, perfectly encapsulates the essence of her journey. Be it fostering community through food or mentoring teams to build an innovative culture, Karan is no short of a beacon in the people development industry.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Navigate the complex dynamics of mentoring programs within organizations and their role in nurturing success.
  • Discover the profound impact shared meals have in knitting together relationships and shaping business communities.
  • Decipher the code of turning people initiatives into concrete results, adding a new lens to view ROI.
  • Grasp the elusive principle of consistency and its importance in fulfilling far-reaching goals.
  • Decode how giving back through volunteering encapsulates your company’s values, blending principles with purposeful action.

The key moments in this episode are:
00:01:24 – Mentoring and Building Community,
00:09:40 – Consulting and Starting a Firm,
00:15:46 – The Importance of Mentors in Microsoft’s Development,
00:26:43 – Starting a Mentoring Program in Smaller Organizations,
00:32:34 – Importance of Understanding Top Values,
00:36:30 – Mentoring Outside of Organizations,
00:50:32 – Proving ROI and People Initiatives, 

Insights into tangible outcomes of people initiatives:
People initiatives, such as mentoring programs and community-building activities, must be strategically tied to tangible outcomes to showcase their return on investment. Metrics like employee retention, engagement, and sales can be used to measure their impact. Understanding and demonstrating these tangible outcomes not only helps justify the budget allocation for people initiatives but also reinforces the business value of investing in employee well-being and development.

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