We are sourcing contract training facilitators to teach a series of already-designed workshops on a variety of supervisory and soft skills. Extensive facilitation experience is a must! We are not looking for coaches who just happen to have a facilitated a few workshops.  We are looking for gifted professionals whose true talents and passions lie in the world of facilitation.

Interested parties:

  • Must have experience facilitating workshops with few/no slides (i.e. using powerful coaching questions and activities to pull out knowledge and insights from participants)
  • Must have extensive experience facilitating workshops to early-in-career/millennial leaders
  • Who have worked in or for technology, engineering, or start-up companies or divisions are highly preferred
  • Can be located anywhere in North America, Europe or Asia but must be near a major airport
  • Must speak fluent English


Interested parties may send their bio/resume/cv (including a cover letter highlighting your qualifications regarding the 5 bullet points above to service@shockinglydifferent.com, Attention: Karan Ferrell-Rhodes.  If we are not connected on LinkedIn, please send a request to Karan Ferrell-Rhodes.