Experienced, mid-career leaders are flocking to apply to join NOTABLE, a world-class, cross-industry network that strengthens leadership pipelines by connecting and supporting the very leaders accountable for simultaneously leading junior staff and influencing those in the C-Suite.

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NATIONWIDEFebruary 25, 2023 /EIN Presswire/ — Karan Ferrell-Rhodes, Executive Director and Chief Leadership Development Officer at NOTABLE, has announced the official launch of the application and selection process for their upcoming 2023 cohort of participants.  NOTABLE is a private network designed to support the unique needs of phenomenal, advanced leaders at the Director/GM+ levels.  The 2023 class will be the third successful cohort of the program.

Leaders at these levels face the unique challenge of being “sandwiched” between more junior staff and the Executive ranks, all while being accountable for influencing business results up, down, and across the organization. Created to help address one of the top talent concerns of today’s CEOs — the lack of “ready-now” candidates in their company’s leadership pipelines — NOTABLE membership offers mentorship and development experiences for senior leaders who are not yet part of but a few steps away from the Executive suite.  NOTABLE’s goal is to uplevel leader capability, elevate career trajectories, and accelerate leader readiness for roles of broader scope and responsibility.

While there are similar memberships for those in the C-suite,  such as YPO and CHIEF, NOTABLE is specifically designed to address the underserved next tier on the leadership ladder, by helping them both tackle their current challenges as well as prepare for upcoming urgent priorities.   

NOTABLE is powered by Shockingly Different Leadership and was founded by Ferrell-Rhodes, a former global high-potential leadership development executive at Microsoft, to enhance and uplift the next generation of executive leaders who will be influencing the business, charitable, and civic communities in which we all live.  NOTABLE challenges its members to do their part in helping the organization achieve its 1-1-1 Initiative, whose mission is to strengthen the leadership pipelines of 1K companies by developing 1M leaders that make a collective $1B of impact.

As one of the only African American women researchers on leadership execution tactics, as outlined in her book, “Lead at the Top of Your Game:  How to deliver compelling influence, drive differentiating value and build an impeccable leadership brand”, Ferrell-Rhodes leveraged her 20+ years of experience to design a research-based experience centered around NOTABLE’s signature offering, S.W.A.T. Leadership Circles (Strategy/Wisdom/Action/Tactics), which are monthly micro-learning strategy labs (led by a highly accomplished leadership coach) that combine short bursts of knowledge, ideation, and strategic-thinking, to move ideas to action further and faster. The virtual labs are ideal for professionals who have advanced past the need for basic leadership training. 

Annual membership also includes access to NOTABLE’s Fireside Chat Series, which is a curated live Q&A session with renowned expert speakers on topics requested by the members.  Additional offerings include leadership assessments, workshops, hackathons, Rapid-Response Expert Panels, City-based/Virtual dine-arounds, volunteer opportunities, career coaching, interest groups, wellness events, and an in-person Capstone event.  

Past participants of NOTABLE include leaders from industries such as tech, retail, enterprise, hospitality, finance, manufacturing, automotive, energy, media, and nonprofits. The vast majority of members receive company sponsorship of their member fee, typically through learning and development or discretionary budgets. NOTABLE also offers a small number of grants to those who do not have access to company budgets, to ensure representation and access for all. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and are open to all applicants who meet the established criteria.  Registration for monthly information sessions can be found HERE.  However, applications for the September 2023 cohort must be completed by May 12, 2023.

“It may be lonely at the top, but it can be downright bewildering at the upper-middle leader ranks,” said Ferrell-Rhodes.  “Leaders at the more advanced levels frequently feel overwhelmed with work, under-appreciated for their contributions, and confused about what’s next for their career.  At the same time, companies are losing a lot of talent at these ranks, many of whom carry important institutional knowledge with them as they walk out of the door.  By providing a safe space to increase their leadership acumen without their job being on the line, NOTABLE is able to both empower our members as well as delight their employers.  It is not lost on me that I am a Black female founder who happens to specialize in the People side of business, but in today’s world, the most globally-inclusive, cross-industry astute leaders are the ones with the higher probability of making a great impact.  I want to foster that, while still appreciating our diversity of perspectives.”   

Successful leaders accelerate their development when collaborating and networking alongside other top leaders.  A recent McKinsey study indicated that 83% of leaders say they feel unprepared for their evolving roles, and 68% of leaders think their organizations don’t offer them appropriate support.  NOTABLE aims to change the fabric of leader readiness by building an inclusive support system that embraces the knowledge, influence, and drive of its members to make positive, lasting change in the world of work.

NOTABLE is a private network designed to support high-achieving, experienced professionals desiring to sharpen their leadership acumen and expand their capability for roles of broader scope and responsibility. Created to address the huge need to strengthen leadership pipelines by better supporting those accountable for executing the strategies of the C-suite, NOTABLE fills the void of a lack of cross-industry support communities for this niche segment of the leader workforce.

Members benefit from a trusted support system, ongoing leader development, tailored expertise, and a deeply vetted network of strategic supporters who will be friends for a lifetime.  Founded by Karan Ferrell-Rhodes, NOTABLE is the definitive organization for “phenomenal leaders making a notable impact.”  NOTABLE is powered by Shockingly Different Leadership (SDL), a global human capital advisory firm currently headquartered in Atlanta, with 250+ staff based across the globe. For more information or to submit a membership application, visit http://JoinNotable.net.

Founded in 2013, Shockingly Different Leadership is a global human capital professional services consultancy that provides organizations access to the best consulting expertise in the areas of Talent Development, Organizational Development, and Human Resources – on an on-demand, project, or contract basis.  Learn more at https://www.shockinglydifferent.com.