Lupita Nyong'oI think we all are coming down off of the 2014 Oscars overload, although there were some extremely memorable moments.   And one of these moments have led to my selection of “Game-changer of the Week”- Ms. Lupita Nyong’o!

Her emotionally charged acceptance speech for the Oscar for the 2014 Best Supporting Actress, cemented her forever in our minds.  If she is not a prime example of a talented individual who leveraged the art of differentiation to catapult her success, I don’t know what is.

So, let’s break it down a tad on how she did it, by outlining the formula for differentiation:

Identified Target (who she wanted to influence):  Those who are in and/or follow the Motion Picture Arts Industry

Dominance (Answers her Target’s Question: “What is your unique value to me?”):

As a graduate of the Yale School of Drama, even in her young career, Lupita has demonstrated her music video directing, film directing, and acting chops.  Her grasp of the arts has been documented as being stellar.


Distinction (Answers her Target’s Question: “Why should I care about that value?”)

As part of the community who thrives on appreciating the elite performances and accomplishments in the motion picture industry, Lupita’s target audience was obviously delighted by her break-out performance and  awarded her as such.   According to Wikipedia, as of March 3, 2014, she was nominated for 32 international film-related awards, of which she won 26 of them.

To top it off, Lupita has such an enchanting life story.  Being the 2nd of 6 children of a former Kenyan politician and his wife, she hails of mixed heritage and dual citizenship- Mexican and Kenyan.  Her graciousness, stunning look, and mind-blowing performance in “12 Years a Slave,”  has all helped to make the world do a “double-take” on her accomplishments and abilities.


Deed (Answers her Target’s Question:  “What should I do next for you?”)

Well, Lupita’s performance guided her target to award her the ultimate motion picture recognition- The Oscar!  And due to her own input, as well as they help of some of the world’s most talented stylists to the stars, she has also received rave reviews about her red-carpet style and embracement of color, during the entire awards season.


“A Bit of Luck”:  As a result of her successful efforts to differentiate herself, it is my belief that additional doors and possibilities will open for her for new and interesting future projects.  The world is Lupita’s oyster.  And it didn’t hurt that her beloved brother gained international social media fame by photo-bombing Ellen DeGeneres’ celebrity selfie!


During her acceptance speech, Lupita stated, “No matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid.”

So, I’m curious about your dreams.  What dreams are you chasing?   Do you truly believe it’s valid and that you have a real shot at making it a reality?  How are you getting your network involved in supporting your dreams?  And what bit of luck do you need to help take you over the top?

As always, I want to hear about what you’re dreaming and doing.  Tell me at or on Facebook.

If you want help pursuing those dreams, I’d love to help you.

Make it an award-winning week!