So many times I speak about using differentiated thinking to solve major issues.  I was intrigued by the current real life example of how The Washington Post, a renowned, 80 year old newspaper institution, came to the decision that the right strategic move to save their organization was the sale of the Post to Jeff Bezos, co-founder of  Some key factors in play, as they relate to the formula for Differentiation:

Dominance:  Although the newspaper industry has clearly transformed, the Washington Post is still provides immense value and influence in Washington DC and beyond.  Could you imagine a political season without the Post editorials?  Me either.

Distinction: To make his case, Washington Post CEO Donald Graham leveraged his long-term personal relationship with Jeff and other stakeholders to help facilitate the mechanics of the buyout.

Deed:  Donald did not just sit on his laurels with the company-saving idea.  He put a realistic financing plan together and got the right people on board to see the implementation through to successful conclusion, thus saving the company  and many jobs for his staff.

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