We know that YOU are in the know!

And we’d LOVE for you to talk about us behind our back!


We know that we may not be in the room when a leader or an organization talks about their training or development needs.  But we know that you may be.

When you hear of such needs, we would be honored if you would refer us as a potential vendor of choice.  If we are not able to help your colleague, we have a huge network and likely know of someone ideal who can.

What would be a good referral for us?  When . . . . .

  • An organization wants to create a new leadership program or improve on a current one
  • A senior executive wants to include some professional development in their next team meeting
  • A leader is seeking a coach for one of their employees
  • An organization is going through a major change and needs organizational development support
  • An individual wants to improve their ability to impact and influence via building a stronger leadership brand

We track the source of all referrals, and if your referral becomes a client, you will be provided your choice of a Visa Gift Card or a donation in your name to your charity of choice.

Thank you in advance for helping to make others great!

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