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85% of professionals like you say that the opportunity for personal leadership development is the strongest influence on both your work satisfaction and the ability to progress in your career.

Yet, finding and receiving the EXACT type of support you need to learn, grow, and transform into a leadership dynamo is hard to find . . . . . until now!

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Every great leader will tell you that they did not achieve their success totally on their own. They depended on the support of experienced, trusted confidantes who listened to their challenges, helped them strategize solutions, and advised them on the best next actions to take.


As founder and Lead Leadership Strategist of LeaderSmarts, I started this service after years of listening to the needs of those in the workforce and their desire for the type of confidential advice, leadership development and professional support that is not readily available at their place of work.


As a result, I drew from my experience of developing over 10,000 leaders to create LeaderSmarts in order to inspire & empower ambitious professionals with the leadership support that historically has only been accessible to an elite few in the workforce.  LeaderSmarts #1 goal is to help you excel in the world of work by being a catalyst for you to create and achieve your next professional success story.

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What is LeaderSmarts


LeaderSmarts, the personal development division of Shockingly Different Leadership, is a leadership development and advisory service designed to help individuals like you become a stronger leader who leads “at the top of your game” in your profession or industry.  Our passion is to connect you to the information, personal advice, and relationships needed to help you build and scale your leadership abilities.


Members of our LeaderSmarts community receive a plethora of benefits, such as personal leadership development, 1-on-1 advice services, career advancement planning, mini-workshops, expert speakers, live events, community networking, and consulting help to create development experiences for your own teams.

How LeaderSmarts Works

Are you an individual desiring to grow your personal leadership skills and acumen?

See how LeaderSmarts can help

We can help you:

  • Become more influential
  • Boost your leadership power
  • Handle sticky work situations
  • Get more executive visibility
  • Accelerate your career
  • Learn your leadership style
  • Become “promotion-ready”
  • Learn best practices
  • Make a real difference
  • Build your leadership brand

Are you a manager or leader desiring to build your capability to lead higher performng teams?

See how LeaderSmarts can help

We can help you:

  • Tackle people problems
  • Influence up, down, & across
  • Become more productive
  • Use emotional intelligence
  • Develop and retain your staff
  • Navigate leader transitions
  • Make better hiring decisions
  • Build deeper relationships
  • Solve performance issues
  • Prepare for confrontations

Are you in Human Resources, Talent Management or Talent Development?

See how LeaderSmarts can help

We can help you:

  • Better influence execs
  • Build talent strategies
  • Strengthen HIPO leaders
  • Get best practices
  • Deepen your network
  • Better retain your talent
  • Strengthen succession plans
  • Hire great talent vendors
  • Meet new colleagues

Are you an entrepreneur or small busness owner desiring to be a stronger leader in your business?

See how LeaderSmarts can help

We can help you:

  • Get tips to grow your biz
  • Tweak your leadership style
  • Find cost effective marketing
  • Better manage your time
  • Optimize strapped budgets
  • Find prosperous biz niches
  • Overcome self-doubt
  • Balance having a day job
  • Face the “unknown”
  • Overcome loneliness

What makes LeaderSmarts different

  • LeaderSmarts is the only strategic advice & leadership development support service of its kind.
  • The skills we help you develop and implement are portable and easily transferable to any new opportunity which comes your way.
  • BASIC membership is forever free!
  • You only pay for PREMIUM services when you need them. Then, you remain a premium member for a full year!
  • We do not use ghostwriters or outsource advisors. You will have insider access to Karan and her team directly.
  • We will not spam you with dripped email feeds of email every 5 seconds; you don’t have the time, nor do we.
  • You control what we offer: We regularly ask and poll our members about their current priorities and what they want most.
  • We have a true compassion for our clients and are invested in your success.


What leadersmarts is not



  • A traditional coaching service- Most individuals need immediate guidance without a huge price tag stretched out over 6+ months.
  • A recruiting service – Sorry, but we are not in the headhunting or job placement game.
  • A therapy service – While mental and emotional health are extremely important for your well-being, therapy is not our expertise.



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What's Included When You Join LeaderSmarts

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We know that you don’t have time to waste.You need answers & you need them now!

why should you join leadersmarts


Your growth as a leader starts right now, wherever you are at this very moment. You don’t have to be president of a billion-dollar company to be a leader. Developing your leadership skills in bite-sized, easy-to-implement ways will prepare you for larger challenges in your near future.


Seeds of greatness exist within each of us. For most of us, leadership is a daily passion of striving to do our best, while encouraging others to also do their very best. Here at LeaderSmarts, we’re “all-in” to support you . . . . . if you are “all-in”.

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