We’re a rare breed of consultancyWe’re a nimble, focused, and feisty group of leadership transformation innovators who raise the bar of performance & motivate teams to deliver more innovation and impact than ever thought possible.

Our focus is on helping high-potential individuals and companies define, lead and achieve success.

What makes us “shockingly” differentfrom other development consultancies?

We Focus on Inspiring ``Differentiated Leadership``

By guiding our clients how to use their differentiating expertise to provide unprecedented value, gain a competitive advantage and solidify an impeccable leadership brand, they are able to increase their leadership acumen & become more memorable, impactful, and influential.

We Focus on Empowering Brillant Ultra-Achievers

Our offerings are ideal for top-ranked, high potential and/or top-performing employee talent who are ambitious about increasing their impact, influence, and readiness for roles of broader scope or responsibility.

We Focus on Accomplishments That Have Not Been Invented Yet

We challenge our clients to peek around corners to find new, innovative opportunities that others miss.

Challenging the status quo and dancing on the edge of the box is where the real leadership magic happens!

We Focus on the 7 Competencies of Differentiated Leadership

Intellectual Horsepower
Stakeholder Savvy
Courageous Agility
Executive Presence
Strategic Decision Making
Drive for Results

We Focus on Stirring Things Up

We constantly explore new ideas, development methods, and best practices by staying cutting-edge and leveraging the expertise of our program alumni to infuse real-world case studies and advice into our experiences.

And Our Clients LOVE Us

Our clients LOVE us because we LOVE what we do and are excellent at it!

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