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tma-2017Karan Ferrell-Rhodes was a high potential leadership workshop leader at the Talent Management Alliance’s 2017 Assessing & Developing Potential & Performance Summit, May 16-18 in Chicago, IL.

SHRM-Atlanta Conference 2017_Karan Rhodes

2017nptcslogofinalKaran Ferrell-Rhodes presented on high potential leadership development at the 2017 Nonprofit & Talent and Culture Summit, April 5-7 in Washington, D.C.


Destiny Daughter's of PromiseMay 7: Karan Ferrell-Rhodes to be a panelist at Girls-2-Women Leadership Symposium 2016.

February 20: 2016 open-enrollment for SDL’s High Visibility Program opened for registration.




Karan Ferrell-Rhodes- Pink Power MasterMind Conference Speaker #PPMC15 #pinkmastermindAugust 14: Karan Ferrell-Rhodes was invited to be a guest speaker at the 2015 Pink Power Conference at Phillips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. She will be speaking on how women can stand out as a valued leader in the workplace.




Social Responsibility

Shockingly Different Leadership is excited to be supporting the following charities:

The African Library Project: (http://africanlibraryproject.orgAfrican Library Project

Education is one of the keys to building more self-sustainable communities in areas in need. However, in rural communities across the globe, where access to the internet is limited at best, physical books are the window to what is possible and are an agent of change.

The African Library Project collects and recycles high quality books into small sustainable libraries in rural Africa, where books are in short supply.

By partnering with fellow passionate global collaborators, Shockingly Different Leadership joins The African Library Project in celebrating 10 years of building over 1750 libraries in countries like Ghana, Sierra Leone, Lesotho, Malawi, South Africa, Botswana and Swaziland!

How you can help: Incorporated into many of our programs, is a social leadership component, where our participants are given a real-life challenge to help a featured charity, like The African Library Project. By being a client, you are automatically supporting others in need. You can also make a donation to support our most worthy causes.

Recruiting Contract Facilitators

POSTED:  May 8, 2017

We are sourcing contract training facilitators to teach a series of already-designed workshops on a variety of supervisory and soft skills.  Extensive facilitation experience is a must! We are not looking for coaches who just happen to have a facilitated a few workshops.  We are looking for gifted professionals whose true talents and passions lie in the world of facilitation.


Interested parties:

  • Must have experience facilitating workshops with few/no slides (i.e. using powerful coaching questions and activities to pull out knowledge and insights from participants)
  • Must have extensive experience facilitating workshops to early-in-career/millennial leaders
  • Who have worked in or for technology, engineering, or start-up companies or divisions are highly preferred
  • Can be located anywhere in North America, Europe or Asia but must be near a major airport
  • Must speak fluent English


Interested parties may send their bio/resume/cv (including a cover letter highlighting your qualifications regarding the 5 bullet points above to service@shockinglydifferent.com, Attention: Karan Ferrell-Rhodes.  If we are not connected on LinkedIn, please send a request to Karan Ferrell-Rhodes.

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In an effort to create a more environmentally responsible media center, traditional paper press kits are not distributed.  To request an updated press kit, please contact us.

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Media registration at SDL’s public events is open to editors and reporters working full time for print, broadcast, or web publications with valid press credentials.

Valid press credentials are required at time of registration and include:

  • A by-lined article published by their employing news agency within the past six months
  • A copy of publication masthead listing the individual’s primary position as an editor or reporter
  • Official photo identification issued by employing news agency or government

Bloggers and freelance journalists will be considered for media registration on a case-by-case basis and must provide three of their most recent blog posts or articles on a subject to be considered for media registration.

Please note that marketing executives, sales representatives, public relations executives, analysts, consultants, authors, and researchers may not register as media.

SDL reserves the right to deny media registration to any individual who does not meet the above guidelines, or to limit the amount of media registrants. SDL also reserves the right to request a copy of media coverage as a requirement for media registration.