Shockingly Different LeadershipThe EPIC Method and Leadership Lab

The EPIC MethodOur signature model and leadership lab workshop that brings ``differentiated leadership`` to life!

To become a stronger leader, individuals must have the capability to use their innate talents, gifts, and expertise to create unique, incredible results. High performing leaders are able to master the ability to consistently deliver those unique, incredible results in a way that differentiates them from their peers.


Differentiation is a moment of intense judgment of high value. Differentiated leadership is the ability to use your personal distinguishing value (knowledge, skills, and abilities) to guide or influence a course of action. Or in other words, using what ALREADY makes you outstanding to help influence others to follow your lead.


When individuals successfully exhibit differentiated leadership, they increase the perception of their value and competitiveness in the eyes of others. As a result, leaders experience a higher degree of success – like more clients, happier teams, increased efficiencies, successful initiatives, greater profits, greater ability to influence decision-makers, etc.


We train our clients how to exhibit differentiated leadership via the 4 steps of The EPIC Method:

Pinpoint the intersection of both your and your audience’s most urgent priorities

Leadership Competencies:

Intellectual Horsepower
Stakeholder Savvy (Social Intelligence)

Convey and present compelling, win-win options from which to choose

Leadership Competencies:

Strategic Thinking & Decision-making

Execute selected option with a “wow” factor that goes viral

Leadership Competencies:

Courageous Agility
Drive for Results

Agree on what is next on the horizon

Leadership Competencies:

Stakeholder Savvy

Executive Presence

The E.P.I.C. Method is a strategic, high performance action learning framework which combines innovation, problem solving, social intelligence and execution in way which accelerates the growth of real-world leadership skills. It is a sought-after model for organizations who desire to raise the bar on high performance and goal achievement in a manner which both excites the individual and also delights the organization.



epic-leadership-competencies-developedWe weave this model into our coaching and leadership development experiences. Whether a stand-alone offering or integrated into a larger program, the results of The EPIC Method speak for themselves.



Learn more about creating a culture of differentiated leadership via bringing The EPIC Method to professional development experiences in your organization. Assessments, strategy sessions, 360-feedback, individual or team coaching, keynote and workshop experiences are available.

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