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Executing a plan to catapult the probability of increasing your career advancement opportunities is pretty scary.  But what is even scarier?   REGRET.


Advance Program TourAre you content with the current status of your career?  Do you have a burning desire to increase your acumen on the strategies, best practices, and insider knowledge to accelerate the rate of your career progression?

Finding the best path to improve your individual competitiveness and leadership brand is more challenging than ever!

We know the excitement of having ambitious career goals which support your professional dreams.

We also know the pain of feeling like you’ve been “punched in the gut” when people or obstacles seem non-supportive or try to block your success.

Join us to learn exactly which tactics are best to increase your chances of advancing your career in today’s complex workforce.

ADVANCE offers the tools, strategies, and insights you need to help you accelerate your career in the direction that YOU want.  No matter if you are an individual contributor or people manager, we will help you stand out from your peers and differentiate your leadership impact & professional brand in order to create a career and life that you’ll love!


Here’s What You’ll Learn

Karan Rhodes

Your Host – Karan Ferrell-Rhodes

This 8 week online training program is designed to help you use your innate expertise to fuel higher satisfaction and rewards for you, while also delighting your employer in a way that motivates them to look for ways to boost your career!

We cover critical topics you need to know about running the “business of your career advancement” (yes, it IS a business and you are the CEO of your career).

We’ve methodically mapped out exactly what you need to do to implement timeless, authentic career advancement techniques which will help you grow your career in a way that feels good and true to you.


A Sound Investment

Once you’ve invested in ADVANCE, you’ll be granted lifetime access to the program, so that you’ll be able to go back through the materials again and again – including all new content and updates.

If you are ready for a truly valuable development experience with no fluff and all action, then register now to join like-minded, elite colleagues in an experience of a lifetime!

Advance: Career Advancement Program

Instruction:  8-week, live online training program. Participants can be based anywhere, but must have internet access.

Registration: Registration for 2017 is now open.  Your registration fee is highly likely to be tax deductible.  Please check with your tax advisor. We hope that you will register via the links below:

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ADVANCE 2017: Curriculum & Agenda

Week 1 - July 10th: Master the Rules of the Talent Game

Master the Rules of the Talent Game

You will learn:
  • The criteria your leadership really uses to evaluate and rank you against your peers
  • The difference between Hi-Po, Hi-Pro, and Hi-No;  understanding the segmentation and the implications of being placed in each one
  • How to get selected for your company’s elite leadership programs
  • Why most employees fail to get on the “super-secret lists”
  • How your salary and future earning potential are connected to your rank

Week 2 - July 17th: Build Your Leadership Brand

You will learn:
  • The components of an elite leadership brand
  •  Your ideal areas of thought leadership
  •  How to use your unique expertise in a way that upper management comes to seek you out
  •  How to better brand yourself on social media platforms, like LinkedIn

Week 3 - July 24th: Influence the RIGHT Influencers

You will learn:

  • How to truly know what your leadership wants from you
  • How to use your leadership brand to stand out and make your peers irrelevant
  • Create the blueprint for your career advancement strategy using the E.P.I.C. Method (Establish Relevance, Position Possibilities, Implement Disruption, Confirm “The Next”)
  • How to build a robust network of “strategic supporters” who you should target to help you accomplish your career goals

Week 4 - July 31st: Catch-up Week

You will learn:

  • How important it is to take “time out”, catch up, reflect on learnings & strategize next steps.  During this week, we will NOT introduce new coursework, but allow you time to complete any coursework you may have missed, review the work completed thus far, and work with your ADVANCE colleagues to strategize your best next steps.


Week 5 - August 7th: Prepare to Advance Career

You will learn:

  • Best practices to prepare for your performance evaluation in a way that makes your peers irrelevant
  • How to choose the RIGHT professional development opportunities or advanced education
  • What to do if you want to switch careers, without being forced to start at the bottom again
  • What to do if you have a non-supportive manager or a lack of upward mobility
  • How to ask for or select a professional mentor

Week 6 - August 14th: You Got It! What To Do Next?

You will learn:

  • The first things you MUST do when you get offered a new opportunity
  • How to handle tough negotiations on sensitive topics like compensation, relocation, and other perks/rewards
  • How to determine if being able to relocate to a new geography is right for you
  • What you absolutely must do to prepare for your career transition, or risk career derailment
  • When it is better to say no to new opportunities presented to you and how to handle it

Week 7 - August 21st: Become a Corporate Athlete

You will learn:

  • How to navigate and conquer office politics
  • How to avoid burnout by better balancing work/life demands on your time and your sanity
  • Proven stress reduction and wellness tips that will help you survive your workday
  • How to overcome common career advancement challenges, like:

-Feeling awkward in trying to convince your leadership that you are a superstar

-Not being sure how to navigate sensitive conversations without being perceived as opportunistic

-Not sure you fully understand the criteria against which you are being judged

Week 8 - August 28th: Bonus Week

You will learn:

Ahhhh, these topics are super-secret!
Boy, do we have some great surprises for you!
As you enter your graduation week, we have complied some incredible experiences for you which will be worth the price of the course alone!

Group Calls

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  • Date 2:  Thursday, August 10, 2017
  • Date 3:  Thursday, August 31, 2017
This is your opportunity to get your burning questions personally answered  (without paying the much higher rates that our private clients pay).
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