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Karan’s speaking engagements are one-of-a-kind experiences that give people a rock-solid foundation to explore how their differentiating strengths shine in today’s new world of work.

Speech Topics

Companies and industries are changing by the nanosecond in order to survive in today’s world. Developing your top talent to be capable to lead through the challenges of both today AND tomorrow is a huge priority for most organizations.

However, most old development approaches have proven to be outdated and expensive, with a low return on investment.  Based on her research of over 7000 high potential leaders and their employers, Karan curates and shares today’s hottest megatrends in effective leadership development.

Join her to learn some best practices that you can immediately infuse into your people strategy which will increase the strength of your leadership bench and keep your top talent from running out of the door to your competitors!


  • Strategies for low-cost, high ROI leader development
  • Review of best practices in the development industry
  • Gain ideas to decrease your bad attrition

Ideal for:

  • Human Resources Leaders
  • Talent Development & Talent Management Leaders
  • Senior Business Executives & People Leaders

Predicting potential is like to looking into a crystal ball.  It may be exciting and mysterious, but you still hunger to witness tangible proof! That’s what others want to see from you . . . . proof of your potential.

No matter whether you have the term “leader” in your job title, your ability to lead others is critical to getting work done.  For example:
–  Leading colleagues during work initiatives
–  Leading customers on why to buy from you
–  Leading donors to support your cause

The key to being the best leader that you can be is to identify and use what ALREADY makes you outstanding (your differentiators), to provide the type of unique value that only you can provide.

What are your differentiators that others constantly seek from you?  What are the best ways to use your differentiators to fulfill your passions, influence others and to exceed your goals?

Once we answer these questions together, you will have a road-map on how to be a smarter, stronger leader who leads “at the top of your game”!

Audience Takeaways:

  • Understanding how the most effective leaders lead
  • Identification of your own differentiating strengths
  • Tips to immediately increase your impact & influence

Ideal for:

– High-potential and top performing individuals

– Entrepreneurs and small business owners


Differentiate Yourself – The idea is simple, but powerful.

Using your niche expertise to provide unique value that only YOU can provide will help you become known as the “go-to” leader in your profession or industry.   It also opens many doors to new opportunities, benefits and rewards.

This is why one of the hottest topics today involves raising the bar on personal branding by embracing the more powerful tactic of leadership branding.  Leadership brands are personal brands on steroids!

Individuals and teams who build strong leadership brands are able to create their own legend of raving fans and influence those that most matter in their world.  Think of Starbucks’ raving fans of coffee drinkers, Oprah’s raving fans of personal empowerment, Apple’s raving fans of sleek tech devices, Amazon’s raving fans of shopping convenience and Tom’s Shoes’ raving fans of corporate social responsibility.

The world’s most successful leaders have been able to stand out in the minds of their audience by delivering distinguishingly unique value on a consistent basis.  Such leaders have developed the exceptional ability to:

  • “peek around corners” to find new opportunities to solve an unfulfilled need
  • use their unique abilities to present potential options and solutions
  • achieve win-win results for both themselves and their audience

What impression do people have of you both in business and in life?

An expert in developing strong leadership brands, Karan Ferrell-Rhodes will share stories and demonstrate how you can put the power of your own innate brilliance to work to ignite your leadership brand in a way that increases impact and generates your own tribe of raving fans!


  • Learn the components of a leadership brand, why it is important, and how to manage it
  • Identify your own differentiating strengths
  • Ideas on how to use your leadership brand to exceed your goals

Ideal for:

  • Savvy professionals
  • High performing employees
  • Dedicated association members
  • Passionate entrepreneurs

Group coaching at workThe Corporate Executive Board reports that high potential leaders (HIPOs) are 91% more valuable to your organization than non-HIPOs, but 73% of HIPO programs show little to no ROI and 1in 4 HIPOs plan to leave their employer in the next 12-18 months.

Although investment in HIPOs is prioritized by 93% of orgs, the execution of HIPO strategies are alarmingly lagging.

Karan will show you how you can create a HIPO program which aligns to your org’s leadership competencies, values, culture and budget.

Throw out the one-size-fits-all approach to building your leadership pipeline. Learn how the “customized-4-u” movement that companies such as Starbucks, Amazon, & Chipotle use ensures high value, high ROI, and loyal talented employees.


  • Overview on building an end-to-end HIPO strategy and development program
  • Insights on what may work best for your organization

Ideal for:

  • Human Resources leaders
  • Talent Development leaders
  • Training and Development professionals


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